“She’s an absolute diamond”

I honestly didn’t know what to expect in terms of results. I’ve known Steph for many years, and I know she’s the most genuine caring person. She’s just one of these people you naturally radiate towards. She just makes you feel instantly at peace in her presence.

The whole journey she supported me in ways to achieve my goals, I had a lot of mental noise and couldn’t focus, lots of personal things going on that I couldn’t control, and it was becoming overwhelming. I found it hard to focus on the steps. But that was fine, she stayed well connected to me and offered alternative approaches which expanded my way of thinking along with focusing on my wellbeing. It’s hard to describe how this felt, she removed the barriers I was putting up.  Since working with Steph, there isn’t one day that goes by, no matter what I come up against, that I don’t still feel happiness radiating from within (as cheesy as that sounds), I don’t stress, I’m too grateful- it is what it is, that’s how I see things, and you have your options- accept /change /walk away. I still have my moments where things get on top of me – but that’s it – they are moments. I have a half hour sulk and deal with it.

Gratitude goes such a long way, investing in yourself goes a long way. I’m so grateful for people like Steph in the world. She’s an absolute diamond 💕