My Story

Hi I’m Steph and I lost my beautiful Mam to cancer in 2017. Her name was Helen. I had to dig really deep to be able to feel good again after my loss, and I had to do it alone.

I was in a bottomless pit and felt totally disconnected to myself and my life.

I had lived with my Mam all of my life until the age of 37 when she died. I know there aren’t many people who live with their Mother until that age. I was an exception to the norm.

My Mam was diagnosed with a rare form of incurable cancer and was given three years to live. Neither of us could get our heads around it. She was still so young, it seemed so cruel and unfair. I was angry and bitter that the person I loved most in the world was taken away from me.

I’d always had a successful business, running a beauty salon and training academy from the age of 24. It ended up being the thing that saved me after my huge loss. But still I felt disconnected to myself and life, and the feeling of despair just wouldn’t lift.

I had always been a really spiritual person before my Mam’s diagnosis. I was into Angel Cards and crystals, and I was known for being a bit of a ‘woo woo’ but once my Mam was diagnosed with cancer I lost all belief  that there was anything else out there. I was angry; how could there be angels, spirits or anything else if they were willing to take the most important person in my life away from me? I would question that repeatedly. What a pile of crap!

After her loss, I was still lost and disconnected. Then one day, I thought that maybe I should try and start tapping back into my spirituality – I had nothing to lose, right?

What transpired afterwards was nothing short of a phenomenal and totally life transforming for me; my Mam made her presence known to me energetically. You see, the soul lives on after death, that I know for sure. My Mam gave me solid evidence that she was still with me. It blew me away and it still does to this day.

Around 18 months later, I had a spiritual awakening. Crikey, I had no idea what that was so I had to Google it! I had waves of tears coming over me during the night and an overwhelming sense that I was here for a bigger purpose, to help others heal.

I know I’m here on this earth to help others feel good inside and out every day, as no person should EVER have to feel alone. I do know that when I do eventually meet her again, she will be proud of the legacy I have left behind in her name.

I am so thankful to my Mam for leaving me with a precious gift I can share with you.

Helenergy is a combination of programmes, training and products.

Healing takes place in many forms and Helenergy is here to support and guide you. It’s a modality that’s so needed in it’s physical form and now it’s available to you.

I now help those people who feel lonely, lost and disconnected to themselves and their life. Helenergy was born from my own internal struggles. I had to dig really deep and I had to do this alone; I don’t want that for you. That’s why I am here, to help you reconnect back to yourself and the true essence of life.

Much Love,

Steph xx

Mesotheliona Awareness

My Mam was diagnosed with a rare form of incurable cancer called Mesotheliona and was given three years to live. Because this cancer is so rare, there is currently no cure for it. My Mam helped to raise £2,491.51 when she herself was suffering from this aggressive form of cancer. Now, with your help, I want to take up where Mam left off and help raise funds to find a cure.

Please  join me to help raise awareness of this incurable rare cancer. Let’s help thousands of sufferers know that there are people like us that are trying to help find better treatments by raising funds to help fund new clinical trials and help raise awareness of the early stages of this cruel cancer.


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