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By becoming a Helenergy Therapist and Healing Mentor

After two decades in the Beauty Industry and teaching 100’s of students from my Award-Winning Training Academy the time has come to offer a training concept like no other available anywhere else in the world!

I am so excited for you!

Stephanie Holland of Helenergy

I have combined all of my skills and knowledge to bring you the opportunity to become a Helenergy Therapist and a Healing Mentor.

It is a heart and soul aligned purposeful career that has been created with love by me for you.

It’s took over two years to create and now I can finally say it’s here…

By deciding to become a Helenergy Therapist and a Healing Mentor you will be embarking in a career where you serve from your heart and soul which greatly impacts the lives of others and yourself.

I have been in business for almost two decades (ages I know) I have performed treatments on 1000’s of clients and I know exactly what is needed to allow clients to feel amazing and this goes way beyond coming into a treatment room for a ‘Hi and Bye’ treatment from a Therapist.

The world is a changing and you are needed my lovely!

I have been left with a beautiful gift from my late Mother Helen and it’s time to share it with you, it’s so unique and precious and is very much needed in its physical availability.

The one thing to come from the devastating loss of my Mother Helen is the creation of Helenergy and being able to train others in this precious healing modality is a blessing.

By deciding to train in Helenergy it will elevate your own life.

No more waking up to the dread of ‘another day’ you get to create your day, be on purpose and give to clients from your heart and soul.

Is This For You?

You are searching for training that resonates with your soul, you’re spiritual, open and curious of possibilities of offering a service to clients that gives results you can be proud of and you want to break free from the 9-5 job role, you may have trained in various treatments but you are looking for a breakthrough.

Perhaps you have always yearned to be self-employed and the freedom this creates

You may have Empath Traits and know you are here to help others in this world

You feel deeply for others and want to see the best for them and their life

You seek more meaning and purpose in life with your work

You get great joy out of seeing others happy

You want to add something unique to your treatment list

You want to look forward to the day ahead knowing you are doing work you love

You want to thrive on feeling good after a working day

Connection is important to you in your life and with others

You are open and curious to new possibilities of doing things and learning ‘out of the norm’ treatments

You don’t like to follow the crowd you want to be unique

Maybe you are already trained in other energy treatments such as Reiki and you are curious to train something more

Maybe you’re already a therapist and you want to add an additional treatment that gets to the very core of how your client is actually feeling

Of course, Helenergy isn’t for everyone, far from it, it’s for those who feel uplifted seeing others uplifted and yearn to live a life full of abundance from an authentic heart and soul lead career.

Let’s Learn Together!

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