Helenergy Healing Training Package


Elevate Your Energy Programme (value £297.00).

Helenergy Level 1 Facial Experience Training (value £997.00).

Helenergy Level 2 Body Experience Training (value £497.00).

Helenergy Level 3 Distance Connection Training (value £297.00).

Training to be a Helenergy Healing Mentor for your clients (value £397.00).

6 Months Business support with Steph to keep you focused and aligned (value £2,000).

Helenergy Starter Product Kit includes products to retail (value £250.00).

Helenergy Healing Coat (value £45.00).

    This is for you IF…

    You feel lost, stuck, and disconnected to yourself and your purpose in life.

    You are spiritual to your core and helping people lights your entire soul up.

    You want the freedom to work your own hours and on your own terms.

    You feel what you already offer is not enough of a service for others.

    You are desperate to break the never-ending cycle of Groundhog Day.

    You have been searching for something more and yearning for a breakthrough.

    You never feel fully supported after training courses.

    You are a newbie to a spiritual pathway but often lose your own way.

    You are an Empath to your core, and you know your calling is much higher in life but have never felt what that fully is yet...

    Helping others lifts your own spirits.

    You have always felt different from most, you love angels, crystals, nature, and all things spiritual!

    You are an old soul and sensitive and have always felt different to a lot of people in life.

    You want to feel supported after your training has ended, rather than be left to struggle with no idea what to do.

    You want to feel connected to likeminded souls who totally get you.

    You are no longer willing to sacrifice your happiness for others and their thoughts and opinions on your life and your career choices!