Rose Bath Salts


Rose Bath Salts 500g.

Our Helenergy Natural Bath Salts are made with 100% natural salts that have been extracted from the ground due to their excellent mineral, purity and therapeutic properties. It easily dissolves in warm water to create a mineral bath that’s pure indulgence.

Light your favourite Helenergy candles, run a bath and soak in the pure floral scent of rose essential oil. Whilst your body is relaxing the powerful aroma of rose will calm and soothe your mind.

Our body scrubs work to clear away dry and dead skin cells, leaving skin refreshed, brightened, soft and smooth.

Himalayan Salt is rich in minerals thus taking bath with this salt helps to instil the body’s skin and whole body with essential minerals. Himalayan Bath Salt also helps to maintain the ph balance.

With anti-inflammatory effects, these Natural Bath Salts will flush out toxins and stimulate your body’s skin’s metabolism to encourage new cell growth and restore a natural glow. Soak up the sultry scent of a heady rose for some pure escapism.

Ingredients: Epsom Salts, (magnesium sulfate) Himalayan Pink Salts, (sodium chloride) Rose Essential Oil (Rosa Centifolia Flower Extract).