Helenergy Healing Training Package

‘The complete Spiritual Business in a Box’

for Lightworkers, Empaths and Spiritual Souls.



Become a fully qualified Helenergy Therapist and Healing Mentor and excel in your spiritual work and career by helping people heal their lives! There is nothing else like it in the world, are you ready to start your complete spiritual business with Helenergy Healing?

What’s Included?

The Helenergy complete spiritual package includes:

Elevate Your Energy Programme (value £297.00)


Helenergy Level 1 Facial Experience Training (value £997.00)


Helenergy Level 2 Body Experience Training (value £497.00)


Helenergy Level 3 Distance Connection Training (value £297.00)


Training to be a Helenergy Healing Mentor for your clients (value £397.00)


6 Months Business Support with Steph to keep you focused and aligned (value £2,000)


Helenergy Starter Product Kit including products to retail (value £250.00)


Helenergy Healing Coat (value £45.00)

All this for – £1,997.00

Yes, Steph, sign me up!

Or hang on, still more questions and not sure it’s for you? Read on here…


This is for you IF…


You feel lost, stuck, and disconnected to yourself and your purpose in life.


You are spiritual to your core and helping people lights your entire soul up.


You want the freedom to work your own hours and on your terms.


You feel what you already offer is not enough of a service for others.


You are desperate to break the never-ending cycle of Groundhog Day.


You have been searching for something more and yearning for a breakthrough.


You never feel fully supported after training courses.


You are a newbie to a spiritual pathway but often lose your own way.


You are an Empath to your very core and you know your calling is much higher in life but have never felt what that fully is yet…


Helping others lifts your own spirits.


You have always felt different from most, you love angels, crystals, nature, and all things spiritual!


You are an old soul and sensitive and have always felt different to a lot of people in life.


You want to feel supported after your training has ended, rather than be left to struggle with no idea what to do.


You want to feel connected to like-minded souls who totally get you.


You are no longer willing to sacrifice your happiness for others and their thoughts and opinions on your life and your career choices!

If this is you, then it’s time to take on a new spiritual pathway and challenge whilst making yourself feel totally aligned in the process to help others heal with the Helenergy sacred light and knowledge.

Yes, Steph, Sign Me Up, I Am Ready!

Schedule Your 15 Minute Complimentary Zoom Call

Steph, Founder | Creator | Master Educator of Helenergy to discuss your Training

Schedule your 15 minute complimentary call with Steph prior to signing up, or you can sign up straight away!

Here is what Steph the founder of Helenergy Healing has to say…


I am delighted you are considering training in this amazing opportunity to be a Helenergy Therapist and Healing Mentor. I have decided to bundle this amazing training opportunity at a very special offer and discounted price.

Being an Empath and Lightworker can come with its challenges in life as we always feel we want to give more to others, but finding that more can be difficult.

When I created the Helenergy Training opportunity I tailored the course with you in mind, that lovely soul who thinks and feels more deeply than others and desires to help change the world through healing magic.

Helenergy Healing is an AWARD-WINNING healing modality and has been crowned GOLD for training and the entrepreneurial journey it gives others.

I am proud to have secured triple gold awards, this brings Helenergy Healing to the forefront of exceptional training and it is recognised that beauty has to come from an internal feeling.

Stephanie Holland of Helenergy



Q. What is different about Helenergy?

A. Helenergy is healing as a whole so nothing is missed for the person, it’s a combination of products, programmes and accredited training.

Q. Why do I have to do Elevate Your Energy first?

A. Elevate your energy is the foundations of healing your own life, it is our signature healing progamme and for you to understand the Helenergy healing concept you must be in good alignment yourself before you can help others heal and take on the training opportunity. We need you at your best self-first and foremost so you can serve from your heart and soul to clients.

Q. Can I just do one training course at a time instead of everything??

A. You can, however, attending separate Helenergy Healing courses is less cost effective for you. 

Q. Is this the same as Reiki Training?

A. Absolutely not, Helenergy is healing as a whole so nothing is missed for the person, and we equip our clients with life changing tools and products for their own self-responsibility of healing when they leave our presence. The healing energy we work with is with the assistance of my Mother, Helen. Yes, it is divine, but it is not Reiki.

Steph trained in Reiki in 2009 and, whilst it gave Steph the foundations of feeling the magic of energy, Reiki never did agree with her own energetic alignment. Everything happens for a reason.

Q. Will I make a return on my investment?

A. Your investment for training this exclusive offer is £1,997.00 which includes everything you need to launch a successful healing business with Helenergy.

You will need to have a Therapy Bed and purchase white wooden stools for the body experience (a small outlay). You will have some Helenergy products to use and retail straight away and whilst Steph advises you what to charge per treatment you are free to charge as you wish, please bear in mind what you are offering is exclusive and niche healing modality to clients.

Q. I am already trained in other treatments, what is so different about Helenergy?

A. Helenergy offers a whole new concept in healing, the modality itself offers you a niche spiritual concept to offer clients with results that work from the inside out! You are also training to be a healing mentor, this in itself is gold and requires you to have the knowledge to mentor your clients.

Q. Will I feel confident after training?

A. Steph has been teaching for almost two decades now and nobody leaves her presence without feeling confident! We also have a network of support after training, so you will never feel on your own.

Q. How long does the training take me?

A. You will be required to attend in person training over two full days – 9.30am – 5pm. Here you will learn about the Helenergy Facial Experience, the Helenergy Body Experience and Distance Experience, the Helenergy product range, and how to mentor your clients.

As you can imagine training is jam packed and there is lots to learn, but it will be fun-filled and enjoyable, Steph makes sure of that!

You will then do Helenergy client case studies and treatments over a six week period, in your own time, and then return back for your practical assessments 9.30am – 5.30pm.

Q. What should I charge per client?

A. Steph will guide and advise you of what to charge per treatment during your training, but that choice is up to you.

Q. Where is the training held?

A. Training is held at Ashington, Northumberland at a dedicated training space.

Q. Is this a franchise business model?

A. No, Helenergy is not a franchise, you are part of a community with Steph and will be trained under the Helenergy Healing Modality which must not be distributed as your own, we are also registered trade marked for legal purposes.

Q. Can I just retail the products?

A. This training is exclusive to learning about the Helenergy products giving you the opportunity to retail the complete range in your Helenergy business.

Q. How much will it cost me to keep running my Helenergy business?

A. That depends on where you are going to deliver your treatments from, your overheads, and costs. The only other ongoing costs are your Helenergy product purchases to retail and use in treatments, these are an integral part of the healing modality itself.
You will need to replenish other items as your business grows, such as your disposables and purchasing of your own cotton uniform.

Q. I am travelling from elsewhere to train, do I have to arrange my own accommodation?

A. Yes, you will need to arrange accommodation, Steph can advise you on places and can also offer you a reduced rate of accommodation that sleeps up to six people.

Q. I am already trained in other healing modalities, is this for me?

A. Helenergy is a unique healing modality and there is nothing else like it in the world, being trained in other healing modalities will give you a good footing for training with us, however what you will learn during training and before training is a concept like no other.

Q. Will Steph travel to ME to train me?

A. Steph will travel to train you if there are four or more people for training in your area.

Q. Is this training accredited?

A. Yes, training is accredited by Professional Beauty Direct and this allows you to gain insurance to do Helenergy Treatments on the public.

Q. Do I need experience, or can I be a complete beginner?

A. You can be a complete beginner! You do not need any experience in healing, you just have to trust your training with Steph and your healing abilities once qualified.

Discaimer: Please note that training is non refundable and you are fully responsible for the results you get out of your Helenergy Healing Business.

The Awards We Have Won Are

Entrepreneur of the Year (British Hair and Beauty Awards); Training Provider of the Year (British Hair and Beauty Awards); Life Time Achievement Award (British Hair and Beauty Awards); Best Beauty Therapist Education Enterprise; Most Innovative Training Provider.