Tribute to Helen Harold

This page is a tribute to Helen Harold, who was born in Ashington on October 20th 1955 and died on the 15th December 2017.

She is much loved and will always be remembered and missed by her loving children Stephanie, Dean and Rachael and her grandchildren.

Helen had a rare type of cancer called Mesotheliona, it’s so rare that there is no known cure for it, but there is chemotherapy to prolong life expectancy by a matter of years.

For those suffering from Mesotheliona there will never be a ‘ringing of that bell’ when the cancer treatment has ended.

My Mam Helen will be delighted I have set up this page in her memory and to help those suffering from this devastating cancer.

If we can help contribute into more research and more effective treatments, then those suffering might get that extra time with their loved ones.

By clicking on the ‘Donate’ button above, you will be transferred to the Helen Harold Breath of Life Fund which is fundraising for the British Lung Foundation

There Are Around 2,700 New Mesothelioma Cases In The UK A Year And Yet Still No Cure!

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There are many ways that you can get involved to raise awareness of Mesothelioma. Why not take part in a fundraiser yourself.

What Is Mesothelioma?

“Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that begins to grow in the lining of certain organs. Most commonly it affects the lining of the lungs (called pleura). But it can also affect the lining of the abdomen or the lining of the heart.

The main symptoms of Mesothelioma are:

  • feeling out of breath
  • coughing
  • chest pain

Because Mesothelioma is so rare, there is still no cure, however the British Lung Foundation have set up a Mesothelioma research network to bring together researchers working on a cure for the cancer. Find out more here

Accessed from the BLF (Nov, 2020)

Our Story

We lost our beautiful Mam to cancer in 2017. Her name was Helen.

She was diagnosed with a rare form of incurable cancer and was given three years to live. Neither of us could get our heads around it. She was still so young, it seemed so cruel and unfair.

By clicking on the ‘Donate’ button above, you will be transferred to the Helen Harold Breath of Life Fund which is fundraising for the British Lung Foundation

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Join me and thousands of others to raise awareness for this incurable rare cancer. Currently treatments are focussed on easing symptoms and improving quality of life. Your donations could help with new research into different treatments. It could also help fund patient travel to their clinic appointments or  fund benefit advisors to help guide them to much needed financial support while suffering from mesothelioma.

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We’ve Raised Over £2,491.51 Already!

With my Mam’s support, we were able to raise over £2,491.51 for raising awareness of Mesothelioma. I now want to pick up where she left off.

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Join me to raise awareness of this incurable rare cancer. Let’s help thousands of sufferers know that there are people like us that are trying to help find better treatments by raising funds to help fund new clinical trials and help raise awareness of the early stages of this cruel cancer.

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