Elevate Your Energy (One to One)

Personalised Healing

Your Personalised Six Week Healing Programme. Let your Personal Healing journey begin today…Working one to one with me, we can dispel those difficult feelings and start again, renewed. Who are you? What are we working on? Where do you want to go?

Your Personalised One to One Six Week Healing Programme

Elevate Your Energy

With me Steph, your Healing Mentor

Personalised Six Week Healing Programme

Let's Get To Know You

A One to One Zoom Call prior to starting.

You'll Receive a Helenergy Rituals Journal

6 weeks and beyond of personalised Tools and Rituals to get you feeling FAB (value £227).

Personalised Healing Reading

Your Personalised Healing Reading from me via email to move you forward in life (value £40).

Support From Your Mentor

Support from me, Steph, your healing mentor via email and voxer (value £697).

Helenergy Gentle Healing Flow

Helenergy Distance Healing Sessions at allocated times (value £97).

Personalised Programmed Rose Quartz Pendant

A beautiful Rose Quartz Pendant which will be PROGRAMMED just for you (value £20).

A Zoom Session At The End Of The Programme

Another 30 mins Zoom at the end of your programme to see how you’re feeling now. How was the journey? I have no doubt, all GOOD!

There are no two people on this earth who are the same and that’s why a personalised programme – Elevate Your Energy could be just the ticket to solving your problems…

Stephanie Holland of Helenergy

There’s a million great things I could say about the Elevate Your Energy Six Weeks and Beyond Programme and the life changing results my lovely clients are already seeing every day, but I’ll start with just a few, and you can make your own mind up and see if it’s for you…

It’s a no-fluff 6 weeks and beyond programme that combines daily tools and rituals you can easily fit into your every day life.

It’s perfect for you if you feel lost and disconnected to yourself and your life, you’re suffering from stress and anxiety, overwhelmed, isolation, despair, or if you just want an energetic upgrade, I will help realign you to re-connect back to yourself and the true essence of life.

Imagine being able to think more clearly and get rid of that brain fog…

Imagine sleeping better, no constant tossing and turning

Imagine feeling more at ease and in control of your day

Imagine being able to feel more confident, not faking it…

Imagine creating your day SO well that NOBODY/NOTHING will bring you down

Imagine no anxiety, facing tricky situations and people with ease

Imagine knowing you’re supported and LOVED no matter what

Imagine feeling freedom, phew!

Imagine trusting yourself and all the decisions you usually struggle with…

Imagine letting go of grudges from the past

Imagine being the best version of YOU every day

The fact is most people in today’s world are far too busy looking outside of themselves for self-esteem, ways to heal and feel good.

But fulfilment in life can’t be found through focusing on what looks good, it must FEEL good. Let’s get to the core of what’s important to you, how do you want to live? How do you want to feel?

I am going to show you ways to TRUST yourself even when times get tough.

When I say there is nothing like this programme, there isn’t.

As well as introducing you to the tools and rituals you’ll need to feel better every day, I also send over the super special and magical gentle Helenergy Healing via distance to you (it’s clever, powerful stuff).

My hands were not just made for typing and treatments!

Are you ready to let me show you the way?

Elevate Your Energy (One to One)

Personalised Healing

This Programme is not for you if you already feel good…




For Elevate Your Energy One to One Six Week Healing Programme

“I honestly didn’t know what to expect in terms of results. I’ve known Steph for many years, and I know she’s the most genuine caring person. She’s just one of these people you naturally radiate towards. She just makes you feel instantly at peace in her presence.

The whole journey she supported me in ways to achieve my goals, I had a lot of mental noise and couldn’t focus, lots of personal things going on that I couldn’t control, and it was becoming overwhelming. I found it hard to focus on the steps. But that was fine, she stayed well connected to me and offered alternative approaches which expanded my way of thinking along with focusing on my wellbeing. It’s hard to describe how this felt, she removed the barriers I was putting up.  Since working with Steph, there isn’t one day that goes by, no matter what I come up against, that I don’t still feel happiness radiating from within (as cheesy as that sounds), I don’t stress, I’m too grateful- it is what it is, that’s how I see things, and you have your options- accept /change /walk away. I still have my moments where things get on top of me – but that’s it – they are moments. I have a half hour sulk and deal with it.

Gratitude goes such a long way, investing in yourself goes a long way. I’m so grateful for people like Steph in the world. She’s an absolute diamond 💕”.

Christy Allan

“I get anxiety from time to time, and I’ve tried just about everything to help me feel better. I’d never tried energy healing but I’d read about it and thought I’d give it a go.

I had my first distance healing session during the first lockdown. Steph explained to me beforehand how it all worked. And wow, it definitely worked! All I had to do was lie down, light my Helenergy Candle, and relax while Steph sent the healing energy over. I didn’t know what to expect, but I felt so relaxed during the session. My body felt warm and tingly, like I could tell when the energy healing started and finished. For the whole day after the treatment, I felt like I was floating on air, with not a care in the world.

The energy healing was amazing in itself, but there are a few things you can do to enhance the treatment. Just little things you can do every day, like write in your Helenergy journal about how you feel, whether you exercised, any little healthy habits you want to keep up. Another thing I did is I kept my programmed Rose Quartz pendant with me every day; Steph sends you one of these to supercharge your healing.

If you want to improve your wellbeing, feel less uptight, and release some of those burdens you’re carrying around every day, I’d definitely recommend doing a Helenergy programme. This stuff works”.


“After undergoing the 7-Day Programme with Helenergy, a lot of positive changes happened for me. In my profession and in my personal life. Since engaging with the Elevate Your Energy Programme, I have experienced an abundance of improvements to my health and wellbeing.

Even when the programme is complete, the techniques are infinitely available and this, for me, has enabled me to develop how I manage daily situations.

My profession can be exhausting and mentally draining, the techniques I have mastered have helped me to create a positive mindset where I previously would have worried. I have gained mental clarity and increased self-esteem. My reactions to situations and people that may test a person’s patience, are ones that I am now extremely proud of.

I feel rejuvenated each time I complete my rituals, which are now part of my routines. My confidence to make progress towards achieving new goals and taking on new challenges has risen so high.

I am glad I took the step forward into the programme.

Thank you Steph”.

Verity Cole

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