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And finally, it is here, the launch of my Helenergy website, it has been over 18 months in the making. Unbelievable.

The launch of this website has taken blood, sweat and tears but here we are, it is here now and I am immensely proud of how it’s looking, I hope it is easy to navigate and portrays who I am, what I am about and last but not least what Helenergy actually is and how it can help you.

Helenergy is ‘healing as a whole so nothing is missed’.

When I was at the lowest ebb of my life after the deep loss of my Mother Helen, I had lost connection to myself and my life, every thought I had was negative and I looked everywhere for help, this feeling went on for over two years, a bloody long time to be feeling that way…

Helenergy is not just about physical loss of another, it’s also about the loss of yourself, every day is a groundhog day, you feel you have no meaning or purpose in life, and you desire to feel better but you have no idea where to start, you are exhausted spinning all the plates and keeping everyone happy and you’re on the edge of burn out, you are anxious and overwhelmed which makes you feel lonely and isolated. You have hopes and dreams and you think there is more to life but often you are unsure…

Helenergy is everything I wish I had access to when I was feeling lost, lonely and anxious.

Being a super busy person running 4 businesses when the first lockdown hit it gave me the opportunity to create Helenergy, this was not an easy decision being known for being a Beauty Therapist and Teacher for over two decades, I was so scared about being seen as something else! The fear was so real, so much so I nearly didn’t launch at all.

But I had my butt kicked from several people to launch and get out there because my work is needed and it is needed now…

At this point I want to thank the following people for always believing in me and getting Helenergy to the point it’s at now.

Annie Hamilton my spiritual mentor who has always kicked my butt and told me to believe in myself, without you I would still be stuck twiddling my thumbs with Helenergy as an idea and not wanting to be ‘seen for who I truly am’ and sharing light and of course writing the courses to teach my modality.

Sarah Seed my self-discovery coach, Sarah has been my coach for 3 years and without her I would not have reached my full potential. Sarah believed in me from the first day I met her and knew I was a healer and ‘special’ she has navigated the way to show me my own light and purpose in my own life, allowing me to honour my sensitive nature and these gifts to show up and share with the world.

Ann English, without Ann reaching out to me during the first lockdown my skills would not be as they are today, my ability to help anybody anywhere in the world is because of Ann, she is a transformational person.

Michelle Robinson, the lady who has always believed in me, listens to me moan and get stressed and always delivers anything I need to help me and my business. She needs a medal! I cannot wait to write my book with you.

Rachel McClumpha who always manages to capture the essence of Helenergy through her amazing photography skills of my products and myself, a fellow Empath.

Kim Holden, my VA to the PA who gets me and is on the ball with everything, sorry for all the whatsapp voice notes when I am pulling my hair out with techy stuff, thanks for being my source of light and guidance when the hill feels like a never-ending battle. Also a fellow Empath, Thank You!

Last but not least my website designer Li, who by chance of the universe came swooping in and saved the day, and my sanity, by designing and completing this website for me, I am forever grateful for your patience and us resonating on a deep level of us both losing our Mothers to cancer. It’s a life changing experience and one that takes your own essence away from you, but through our work together it gives us deeper meaning in life, they are always with us in spirit.

I am forever grateful for everyone and of course my Mam Helen who has left me with a legacy that will continue long after I have left this earth.

Have a browse about and a kneb at the products, buy one if you fancy, they are lush!

See what my programme is all about and how it can help you, how it can work for you, transform you, look at the opportunity to train to be a Helenergy Therapist, you will not regret it!

More than anything I hope you take something away from this website and that it helps you heal somehow as that is the purpose of my work, see it as a front shop window you can come and browse at any time, I will be updating the blog regularly.

Sign up to my email for weekly healing inspiration, read my blogs that will be featured months, browse the products, follow me on my socials and get to know me as I want to get to know you too.

I look forward to hearing from you.

I am here for you.

Much love,

Steph xx